Ban bear hunting in Maine

Maine has some of the best habitat in the country for black bears. But these intelligent, wild creatures are extremely shy and are rarely seen. So rather than respect nature, vicious sport hunters resort to killing bears with dogs, cruel traps, and piles of food to lure them from safety.

Fortunately, Mainers who love wildlife have put forward a ballot initiative to fight bear hunting. The “Maine’s Bear Hunt Ban” initiative will eliminate the most egregious forms of bear baiting and trapping, paving the way for us to push for an outright ban on bear hunting later.

Republican Governor Paul LePage opposes the initiative - claiming that cruel forms of bear hunting are good for Maine’s tourism!

Sign here to support the bears, and ban cruel forms of bear hunting like trapping and baiting. We’ll send your signature directly to news stations in Maine who are covering the issue to show that Mainers and tourists alike support the bears!