Rick Scott's Dirty Pipe Dream

The year 2016 could very well go down in history as, "The Year of Pipeline Resistance." All across the nation we are seeing concerned citizens stand up to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) program of rubber stamping fracked gas pipelines through their communities and key natural resource areas. In New York, our friends Sane Energy Project are among many leading the fight to stop Spectra Energy's Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline from poisoning the state and putting the safety of millions of New Yorkers at risk, in Massachusetts, we are witnessing amazing and valiant resistance to the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline and then there's the Native-led resistance against the North Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that has received worldwide attention.

As long as the FERC continues it's "Pipelines-A-Plenty" policy, there will always be more fracked gas infrastructure threatening our communities, land, water and climate. One such pipeline, the Sabal Trail Pipeline (Sabal), would travel through Florida after connecting with related pipelines in Alabama and Georgia. FERC already approved Sabal, which would traverse nearly 500 miles of Florida, carrying 1.1 billion cubic feet of fracked gas. They are also being sued by Sierra Club and others for failing to adequately analyze potential impacts to nearly 700 bodies of water, 1,958 wetland systems, drinking water supplies that serve nearly 10 million people and climate change impacts.

This is particularly important for Florida as it's been identified as one of the most vulnerable locations in the world to the effects of global warming. But don't tell that to Rick Scott, he won't even allow state employees, like Florida's Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) who approved Sabal, to even use the term "climate change." And as this situation isn't crude enough, it's been reported that Gov. Scott actually owned stock in the two corporations who are building the pipeline. This is nothing more than a dirty pipe dream that will line Rick Scott's pockets while lining up a range of risks to Florida's water, land and climate. It's time to end the dream before it becomes a natural resource nightmare.

Tell Rick Scott to pull the plug on this poisonous pipeline.

Subject: Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline