Spread the Word to Protect Our National Monuments

President Donald Trump ordered the US Department of the Interior to review two decades worth of national monument designations with an eye toward more drilling, mining, logging, and other damaging development of these culturally important and often sacred lands.

The White House-ordered review has the potential to reverse key environmental safeguards for sensitive areas in as many as 40 national monuments across the nation, threatening the natural beauty and cultural heritage that is the birthright of every American.

Unfortunately, too many Americans still don’t know that some of our country’s most beloved places are at risk. Please help spread the word now.

To stop oil, gas, timber, and development companies from littering these and other precious places with destructive new projects, we need to mobilize as many people as we can to contact the Department of the Interior

We have less than 45 days to make our voices heard. Please encourage your friends and family to speak out for our national monuments now.

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