Make a Call for Nature: Oppose Cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency

a man looks out on a magnificent mountain vistaThe White House is calling for dramatic cuts to the government's environmental protection — and we need to speak out now to stop them. Details of the plan include:

  • Slashing the Environmental Protection Agency's budget by nearly a third; 
  • Reducing the agency's staff by more than one fifth; and 
  • Eliminating at least 50 programs that protect our air, water, wildlife and wild places.

Step 1. Collect Your Thoughts

Scripted calls are given less weight by Congressional offices than those that are truly personalized. Before you pick up the phone, please take a moment to think about what you would like to say:

  • Do you have any experience in your life, career, or education that especially informs your objections to the plan? For instance, are you a parent, scientist, or federal employee? 
  • Do you live near an area that would be particularly impacted, such as Maryland's Chesapeake Bay or the Great Lakes? 

Step 2. Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to be connected with your Representative or either of your Senators.

Once you are connected to a lawmaker's office ask to speak to the legislative staffer who works on environmental issues, and then tell them:

“My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent calling from [YOUR CITY] to urge [LAWMAKERS NAME] to OPPOSE President Trump's proposal to slash funding for the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Once you have stated your position, explain why you PERSONALLY oppose slashing funding for environmental protection.

Step 3. Let Us Know You Called.

Complete this survey to let us know you called. Your feedback will help inform our ongoing campaign to save the EPA.