No Checkmate for the Sage Grouse

Climate-killers snuck in a paragraph into the $1.1 trillion Cromnibus spending bill that forbids the Interior department from protecting Sage Grouse under the endangered species act.

Politicians claim they need more time to come up with ways to drill, frack and graze on the grouse's home. But the truth is that decades of overuse by ranchers, mining and fracking is exactly what pushed the Grouse to the brink of extinction in the first place. The real reason for tying the Interior Department's hands is to open swaths of federal land for oil and gas development or grazing. Big Oil and Big Ag may think that the new spending bill closes the book on the Grouse, so that they can now declare "CHECKMATE." But with your help, we can send them a message, "NOT SO FAST."

What's great about donating to this cause is that you get a three for one: In addition to saving a species from extinction, your donation will also help to fight oil and gas development and increased grazing on federal lands. Now that's what I call a grand bargain.

Please consider being the knight of wild things by making a year-end donation and help save the Grouse from extinction.

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