Picture this: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are on their way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Each of them is leading a delegation of thousands of elected officials, volunteers and delegates, and they're setting the agenda for our climate and energy economy when they meet.

But before they can get in the door to the convention, they have to pass through a huge march of tens of thousands of fracktivists and climate justice warriors -- basically us and our friends who are telling them to ban fracking, #KeepitintheGround, and finance a just transition to 100% clean energy NOW.

We can make that picture a reality, but we only have about two weeks until the March for a Clean energy Revolution and we all need to act together if we're going to pull it off.

The two best ways to help are to attend the march yourself (click here to RSVP and find a ride-share) or to sponsor someone's travel logistics if you can't make it. If we can raise $3,500 by the end of the week, we can help send hundreds of additional people to the march.

  • Donate $28 to reserve a free bus ticket for one fracktivist who needs help getting to the Revolution;
  • Donate $50 to cover their lodging the night before too, so they can attend PowerShift and/or the Summit for a Clean Energy Revolution;
  • Donate $100 to help cover airfare for leaders from the Dakotas, Wyoming, California and other front-line states who we need in Philadelphia;
  • Chip in $1000 to reserve an entire bus from new York, New Jersey or Maryland.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

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