Twenty five million Americans live inside a Bomb-train blast zone -- that's the one mile radius around rail tracks that routinely carry shipments of volatile oil. Just a few weeks ago, another one of these trains derailed in Washington state, igniting a blaze that one of the first responders told Oregon Public Broadcasting "looked like the apocalypse."

Looking back on the tragedy in Lac-Mégantic Canada, where a runaway train carrying 72 tankers filled with volatile bakken oil from America derailed and killed 47 people -- we know the blast zone is a dangerous place to be. But bomb trains aren't getting more rare, they're getting more dangerous and more frequent - which is why they've done more damage in the past three years than the previous four decades combined.
From July 6 to 12th, our movement is coming together to do something about it. Together, we can #StopOilTrains with our voices and our bodies. But to make this work - we need to do more than speak up, we need to show up and support the folks on the frontlines. Donate here to support these events.

Your donation will help a front line community in the blast zone buy materials, recruit more attendees and cover logistics like food and sound systems.

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