Tell the EPA: Protect bees from toxic pesticides

Re: EPA-HQ-OPP-2023-0420

We, the undersigned, urge you to regulate and limit the use of seeds coated in neonicotinoid pesticides in order to protect birds and bees.

Approximately 95% of the neonicotinoid coated on seeds is washed away, contaminating the surrounding environment and having lethal consequences for wildlife. Bees can fly through lethal doses of pesticides stirred up during planting. And, in 2017, 200 red-winged blackbirds died in New Jersey after eating wheat seeds coated in neonics.

We shouldn't plant neonic-coated seeds in millions of acres of soil, poisoning the world around us and killing the very pollinators that help our crops to grow. Please do all you can to protect birds and bees from toxic pesticides.