Tell President Biden: Ban beaver hunting and trapping

We the undersigned, urge you to use your executive power to ban beaver hunting and trapping on federal lands. Beavers are our allies in restoring our environment -- we should be protecting them, not hunting them. Beavers are still trapped and hunted today, with most states having no limits on beaver kills.

Beaver dams can help create wetland habitat which is sorely needed -- half of America's wetlands have been destroyed. Those dams then help filter out water pollution, and crystal clear water flows below the dams.

Protecting beavers is a nature-based climate solution that can help mitigate wildfires and climate change. Beaver habitat helps recharge aquifers, reserve water during a drought, and even withstand wildfires. Wetland ecosystems can also store carbon in the soil. By banning beaver hunting and trapping, you'll ensure beavers can continue to make ecosystems more climate resilient.

Please issue an executive order to protect beavers from hunting and trapping on public lands.