Tell the FWS: Protect Colorado's wolves

Re: Document ID FWS-R6-ES-2022-0100-0791

Wolves are a keystone species that's critical to maintaining the natural balance of the places they call home. But that balance has been disturbed for decades, while wolves have been missing from the majority of their historic range. The return of gray wolves to Colorado is a priceless chance to restore the health of the state's ecosystems -- as long as the returning packs are safe to grow and thrive.

Your draft regulations include provisions that will authorize the Fish and Wildlife Service to shoot "problem wolves" that attack livestock. But research shows that killing wolves who attack livestock backfires, leading to more dead sheep and cattle the following year instead of less.

Shooting endangered wolves is simply not the solution to promoting coexistence between wolves, their wild prey, and livestock. Lethal control of wolves should not be permitted in the Colorado Nonessential Experimental Population area.