Tell the National Park Service: Protect Alaskan wildlife from cruel hunting

Re: Document ID NPS-2023-0001-0001

Alaska is home to some of our nation's most magnificent wildlife. Wolves, caribou, and bears are all vital pieces of the ecosystems they call home, and they deserve to be able to live and thrive safely in the national preserves reserved for their protection.

Practices like luring bears to their death with bait, taking swimming caribou from boats, and hunting wolves and their pups during denning season are cruel and unsustainable. Habituating bears to human food puts both bears and people at risk. And targeting animals that are particularly vulnerable -- such as denning wolf pups or swimming caribou -- should not be protected as "sport" hunting. There is nothing sporting about luring an animal to its death, or targeting it while it can't escape.

I strongly agree that the National Park Service should prohibit the same hunting methods that were prohibited in the 2015 Rule.