Tell REI: End the use of PFAS in outdoor gear and clothing

REI CEO Eric Artz:

The chemicals REI is using to make hiking boots, tents, rain jackets and other gear are a major threat to our environment and health. PFAS have been linked to severe health problems such as cancer, birth defects and liver damage. PFAS are also "forever chemicals" that are resistant to breaking down, polluting our waterways and even building up in our bodies.

Enjoying the outdoors with the right gear should not harm the very places we love to explore. REI should adopt a policy to get all kinds of PFAS chemicals out of all outdoor apparel and gear.

There are safe alternatives to using these forever chemicals that can still deliver a waterproof or stain-resistant product and meet the expectations of your customers. Other companies are taking action to protect our planet from the proliferation of PFAS, and REI needs to catch up.

I urge you to commit to ending the use of PFAS in all of your products by 2024 to protect us from toxic contamination.