Tell the Biden administration: Otters deserve continued protection

We oppose delisting the southern sea otter. After they were hunted to near extinction for their fur, the southern sea otters have been protected since 1977. But even after all those years of recovery, these otters are still missing from most areas along the West Coast.

Though the otters' range has expanded to twice its size since the '70s, their habitat is still a measly 13% of its original size.

Protecting sea otters benefits entire ocean ecosystems. Otters are a keystone species, balancing the kelp forests and keeping sea urchin populations in check. Sea otters help increase kelp and seagrass and are even helping fight climate change.

Delisting the southern sea otters would leave them vulnerable and unprotected. With only 3,000 southern sea otters swimming in the Pacific, otters still need our help.

We urge you to keep southern sea otters protected under the Endangered Species Act.