Tell P&G: Stop deforestation in Canada's boreal forest

Dear Procter & Gamble,

Stretching from coast to coast across the northern reaches of North America, Canada's boreal forest is a crucial ecosystem that supports a diverse range of life.

Small animals like hares and squirrels make their home there alongside moose, bison, caribou and a vast number of birds and insects. The forest also aids a healthy planet in less direct ways. The enormous concentration of trees makes the forest one of the planet's largest carbon sinks. In the summer, when its trees are photosynthesizing at their greatest extent, the forest alters the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere across the entire planet.

For these reasons and more, this forest is of tremendous significance -- and it's worth more than something we'll use once and flush away. For that reason, I urge you to commit to using only recycled or forest-free fibers in Charmin, Bounty and other tissue brands.