Add your name to defend gray wolves in Montana

Gray wolves in Montana -- and across the U.S. -- need protection from hunting and trapping. The species is native to the U.S., and it's an apex predator that plays an important role in its ecosystems.

I was angered to learn that you shot a black wolf near Yellowstone without the state-required certification. Shooting wolves is wrong -- and I urge you to protect gray wolves in Montana against proposals in the state legislature that would harm the species.

S.B. 314 would allow hunters and trappers to kill off nearly 4 in 5 gray wolves in Montana. That number is far too high and would cause the species population to suffer. S.B. 267 would reimburse hunters and trappers for killing gray wolves, effectively putting a bounty on the species.

These proposals are unsustainable wildlife management tactics that would cause gray wolf populations to dwindle. I urge you not to sign these bills into law.