Protect California's pollinators from dangerous pesticides

Dear California Department of Pesticide Regulation,

I appreciate the CDPR's proposal to limit the dangers of neonicotinoid pesticides to pollinators. These protections are an important step toward saving the bees. However, CDPR must go further to safeguard biodiversity. We urge the CDPR to:

1) Ban the consumer sale of neonicotinoids. Private citizens aren't typically aware of the impacts of neonicotinoids, and consequently over-apply the pesticides.

2) Ban the pre-treatment of seeds with neonicotinoids. Neonic coatings dissipate into soil and water, accumulating in our environment and posing a continual threat to nesting and foraging pollinators.

Thank you for your efforts to protect bees, but I urge you to implement these additional measures to reduce the harms from neonicotinoids.