Procter & Gamble: Stop using virgin boreal forest wood fiber to make toilet paper

Dear CEO David Taylor,

Canada's boreal forest acts as the lungs of the Northern Hemisphere -- removing enough carbon dioxide yearly to offset the emissions of 24 million cars. Lynx, forest caribou and billions of migratory birds make this place their home. This vast and pristine forest's value truly cannot be overstated.

Yet the boreal is vanishing at a rate of 1 million acres of trees every year, destroying habitat for untold wildlife and fueling climate change by releasing stored carbon. Some of this deforestation is to create the virgin wood pulp used to make your household tissue products -- which Americans are now buying more of than ever.

At last year's shareholder meeting, you heard from the environmental community loud and clear: You can help protect the boreal forest by using recycled paper in your Charmin, Bounty and other tissue brands. As a consumer of tissue products, I, too, am calling on you to make this commitment.