Protect birds by strongly enforcing the Migratory Birds Treaty Act

For decades, administrations of both parties held companies and people accountable for "accidental," but avoidable deaths of birds for which they were responsible. The penalties they issued saved millions of birds by encouraging companies to take preventative actions.

If enacted, the proposed "Regulations Governing Take of Migratory Birds" would radically change that practice. By giving legitimacy to an often-specious alibi -- that "we didn't intend to kill the birds" -- electric power companies will no longer feel a financial need to prevent birds from being electrocuted on their transmission wires. The fishing industry will be encouraged to cut corners on their bird-ensnaring nets. And the oil industry will have an incentive to stop covering the waste pits in which birds drown.

I urge you to save the lives of millions of birds each year by withdrawing this regulation and returning to the historic, bipartisan practice of enforcing the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.