Tell Snapple to ditch their plastic bottles

To Bob Gamgort, CEO of Keurig Dr. Pepper, owner of Snapple, Inc.

Dear Mr. Gamgort,

Snapple has long advertised its "All Natural" beverages as being "made from the best stuff on earth". So, we are dismayed that Snapple has used some of the worst stuff on earth -- petroleum-based plastic -- to make the bottles carrying your tea and juices. While the plastic is "recyclable", most of your bottles are probably not actually being "recycled". Instead, they are being tossed into landfills, even the ocean, where they end up as fodder for whales, turtles, and, eventually, you and I.

We encourage you to shift back as quickly as possible to glass bottles, which are more easily recycled. In parts of Europe, the glass recycling rate is 90%. We also encourage you to support efforts to reduce the number of beverage containers used, to develop systems that facilitate reuse and recycling, and to create truly biodegradable containers.