Tell Procter and Gamble: Don't trade our trees for toilet paper

Dear CEO David Taylor,

Covering over a billion acres, Canada's boreal forest is the lungs of the northern hemisphere -- absorbing greenhouse gases and releasing oxygen back to the atmosphere. In fact, this boreal forest removes enough carbon dioxide yearly to offset the emissions of 24 million cars. The cascading green region is also home to billions of animals: from the lynx, to caribou, to migratory birds.

But this forest is vanishing -- 1 million acres of trees are chopped down every year. And some of this deforestation is to create the virgin pulp used to make your household tissue products.

We're literally trading trees for toilet paper -- and in today's world that doesn't make any sense, especially when less damaging alternatives exist, like recycled paper and wheat straw.

I strongly urge you to use recycled paper in your Charmin, Bounty and other tissue brands in order to protect the boreal forest.