Tell California to Retire the Monster Drift Nets

Drift nets can be 100 feet tall and a mile wide -- and they they indiscriminately entangle, injure and even kill some of our most beloved ocean creatures. Their use has largely been banned along the West Coast, but is still allowed in some California waters for swordfishing and hauling in thresher sharks.

Since 1991, these "monster nets" have killed tens of thousands of sharks, hundreds of dolphins and sea lions and more than imperiled 380 whales and 100 threatened or endangered sea turtles -- and it's time to retire this dangerous fishing gear for good.

Urge your California senators to support California Senate Bill 1114, new legislation that would stop the state from issuing new drift net permits and encourage fishing vessels to use technology that reduces the number of sea creatures unintentionally killed by swordfishing.

Help save the lives of whales, sea turtles, and other imperiled wildlife. Add your name now.

Subject: Please support Senate Bill 1114 to retire drift nets