Saturday, September 30th is National Public Lands Day

Get out on Saturday, September 30th and enjoy a fee free day at National Parks, Forests and America’s other great public lands. Over a quarter of our nation’s lands are held in public trust as a gift to every American -- whether rancher, hunter, hiker, mountain biker, or city dweller. Make your visit on the 30th a testament to your love for these sacred places.

Our public lands are in the crosshairs of the new administration. National Monument reviews, plans for expanding coal mines into roadless areas, proposed copper mines in Wilderness watersheds -- every day there is something new we must fight for. But we also must renew our spirit.

Is there a place that is sacred to you? Acadia National Park, White River National Forest or the Statue of Liberty National Monument? Whatever the place, take some time to enjoy it on September 30th -- and consider giving back by joining the largest single volunteer day for public lands.

Over 200,000 nature lovers volunteered at last year’s 2,600 National Public Lands Day events, donating $18 million dollars in improvements to our public lands.

Whether you choose to stroll down a trail or roll up your sleeves and volunteer -- be sure to visit one of America’s treasures on September 30th. Our public lands need you to fight for them, but save the 30th for enjoying them.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family and please share your experience on social media with the #NPLD hashtag!