Save Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Cascade-Siskiyou is is home to some of the last intact forests in America’s Pacific Northwest and a dazzling array of wildlife and natural beauty. Can you help save it?

This stunning area along the Oregon-California border is also one of four national monuments that the Trump administration is planning to shrink following its unprecedented review of 27 national monuments and national marine monuments, according to several media reports. The administration’s stated goal for the review: to open more areas on our public lands to mining, oil and gas drilling, logging, and other destructive development.

If Cascade-Siskiyou loses protections, the scent of wildflowers could give way to exhaust fumes from logging trucks. Oil and gas rigs could mar the area’s gorgeous views. Wildlife habitat could be sacrificed for new roads and other development. And mining waste could poison Cascade-Siskiyou’s unpolluted stream and creeks.

Oregon’s governor, attorney general, US senators, and other leaders are opposing efforts to reduce protections for this special place, but they need our help.

Add your name to Environmental Action’s letter of support for Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument now and make sure these public lands champions can demonstrate the broad public support they will need to protect this special place.