Stop Arch Coal’s Awful Colorado Mine Expansion

The US Forest Service is now considering a proposal to allow the nation's second largest coal company, Arch Coal, to bulldoze roads and scrape methane vent pads into 1,700 acres of the pristine Sunset Roadless Area just forty miles west of Aspen, Colorado.

Nestled along the flanks of the West Elk Wilderness, the protected Aspen and Engelmann spruce forests of the Sunset Roadless Area are home to elk, black bear, goshawk and the threatened lynx. That’s why it is so alarming that Arch Coal may be permitted to cut six miles of roads and 48 drill sites into the habitat of these animals.

The mining expansion would open the door to mining more coal — but only at a heavy price to local wildlife and the area’s treasured natural beauty. The plan would destroy vital wildlife habitat and trade public access to this beautiful area for the sake of Arch Coal’s bottom line.

Stand against coal mining in the Sunset Roadless Areas. Please sign our petition to the US forest service now.