Tell Netflix to Go Green

Netflix uses massive amounts of energy to bring its services to people like you and me. Unfortunately, most of that energy now comes from dirty, pollution-creating power plants, according to a recent study by our colleagues at Greenpeace.

Pollution from power plants that burn fossil fuels — such as those on which Netflix now relies — are a major threat to our environment. And scientists say that we need to quickly shift away from fossil fuels in order to protect human health and nature’s balance.

Unless we do whatever we can now to eliminate new carbon pollution and stem the demand for fossil fuels, iconic species like the polar bear may disappear. More coastal communities will be flooded. And droughts may become more frequent and storms more severe.

Urge Netflix to go green! Tell the streaming video service you want them to power its site with clean, renewable energy sources — not coal-fired power plants that can pollute the atmosphere and harm our environment.