Activism is Sexy

Here at Environmental Action, we’ve been always thought that activism is pretty sexy. And there’s no greater love than the love our collective mother earth.

So before you roll your eyes at another lame Valentine’s day ad, sign on here if you agree that nothing is more sexy that activism and nothing is more loving than speaking up for the planet - then upload a photo to our gallery and show us what it looks like.

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57 3.7 years ago Katherine Mitchell I'm a visual artist and member of Citizens Climate Lobby. We lobby political leaders as well as write to newspapers etc. We work to create public will to address climate change.
56 3.7 years ago Ivan Womboldt
55 3.7 years ago Gurmeet Singh
54 3.7 years ago April Ward I plant trees, feed the birds and try not to use more resources than are necessary. I had no children but I care for animals that I always get from the humane society. I also try to make other awa...
53 3.7 years ago Dominique Landis Being a Vegan & Animal Activist is knowing and living not only a compassionate lifestyle, but an advocate of respect and love for all lives and habitats on this planet.
52 3.7 years ago Vincent Currier My favorite action to save the planet is fair, affordable housing for all people. I work on this locally every day.
51 3.7 years ago Arthur Walker
50 3.7 years ago Krista Bowers Getting arrested for singing (to protest the government support of extractive industries) in the Department of the Interior headquarters in Washington, D.C...then singing all the way to jail...
49 3.7 years ago Beverly Spencer People tell me ...I`m an inspiration ....
and that someone should tell my story....
I have a well insulated house ......a great place to begin ....
A... huge org. garden....which I ...
48 3.7 years ago Charles MacArthur 42 years ago climed a 6288 ft. mountain on an electric motorcycle on 5 cents electricity.
Now have a solar barn on my farm. Plant willow carbon sink.
My electric car will go 199 miles at 2 c...
47 3.7 years ago Raymond Lampe Recycling ain't sexy, but it ain't popular either. Stats show that a curbside recycling plan is considered successful if 40% participate. I only fill up a kitchen trash bag in a couple of months, an...
46 3.7 years ago John Rody Pick one, any or all of the following to protest, GMO/Monsanto, big Pharma the worlds largest pushers of dangerous drugs, the entire food additive chemical industry, the petro chemical industry, and...
45 3.7 years ago Susanne Hukari Hanging up my laundry on a drying rack and let it dry outside is sexy. Let me know if you want a picture of it.
44 3.7 years ago OlgaMaria Carmen Forsyth Sanchez
43 3.7 years ago Leland Long
42 3.7 years ago C. C. Mcmillan
41 3.7 years ago Marie Schopac I am trying to stop the expansion in RI of the Spectra. Pipelines.
40 3.7 years ago Drew Hudson People's Climate March
39 3.7 years ago Drew Hudson test monkey
38 3.7 years ago Nicholas Marcouiller Test.
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