Activism is Sexy

Here at Environmental Action, we’ve been always thought that activism is pretty sexy. And there’s no greater love than the love our collective mother earth.

So before you roll your eyes at another lame Valentine’s day ad, sign on here if you agree that nothing is more sexy that activism and nothing is more loving than speaking up for the planet - then upload a photo to our gallery and show us what it looks like.

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82 3.8 years ago Marc Parker
81 3.8 years ago Larry Jacobson We have one chance to get this right, so lets do what we can to protect and appreciate our home planet!
80 3.8 years ago Marilyn Kimmerling How to show our love for Mother Earth? Compost, reuse, don't take more than you need of anything, definitely plant a garden...that is a revolutionary and subversive act we all can do and.......suppo...
79 3.8 years ago Anonymous Love Your Mother.....Without Her we have NOTHING!!!
78 3.8 years ago Jason Lindley
77 3.8 years ago Kelly Caffrey
76 3.8 years ago Haydn Crespan Hello my name is Haydn Crespan, I'm 25 and my favourite action for saving the planet is committing to only having one or two kids. When women are educated and have access to contraception and family...
75 3.8 years ago Laurel McDonnell I am very serious about protecting our planet and waterways and am involved in many environmental groups. I conserve water, compost, recycle, use glass bottles and I'm living a chemical-free life. ...
74 3.8 years ago Sandy Wilson I like writing about our connection to nature and animals, and how that can make us better stewards for our planet.
73 3.8 years ago Yana Marshall I became a vegetarian in the late 1960's, and it evolved to eggless, and then dairyless by the mid 1970's. I try to eat the fruits (seeds, nuts) as much as possible, and eat the older leaves...
72 3.8 years ago Eileen Cretella I believe speaking for species who have no voice and protecting them for over development is sexy. Save the animals and plants of the Richmond Pine Rocklands from Ram Realiy & Wal-Mart Corp.
71 3.8 years ago Jasna Jovanovic - Kedves
70 3.8 years ago Sophia Furlan I run a petition page on Facebook called Save wild and marine life. I post up petitions and articles that save wildlife, marine life and the environment. I am a avid recycler too.
69 3.8 years ago Mark Gannett
68 3.8 years ago Frederick Stoss I was trained by Al Gore in 2007 to present his slides on global climate change, and have done so scores of times from Yosemite National Park to Washington DC and from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Or...
67 3.8 years ago Christopher Dowling
66 3.8 years ago Joseph Chantal je recycle et je signes beaucoup de pétitions , pour différentes causes ... etc .....
65 3.8 years ago Michele DA wn Sanderson Sanderson
64 3.8 years ago Debra Linari Even though you may not be a vegan, you can cut back on eating meat. It will help in the long run. Plus stop wasting our precious water. AND the sexist thing to see if an animal in it's own skin!!
63 3.8 years ago Andrea Westmoreland Dramatically reducing the use of plastic bags by bringing canvas bags to the grocery store for shopping.
62 3.8 years ago Arthur Noble Clean water and air .
61 3.8 years ago M. Maclaren Cutting down on plastics!
60 3.8 years ago Jillian Ruiz-Duke Clean water and waterways...conservation!
59 3.8 years ago Fauna Tomlinson Helping to protect one of the most sexist animals on the planet, the elusive snow leopard is what I do!
58 3.8 years ago Anthony Torres
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