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On September 2, 2014, five concerned citizens decided to take a stand and defend their community, families and loved ones from the climate chaos in general and bomb trains specifically. Mike LaPointe, Patrick Mazza, Jackie Minchew, Liz Spoerri and Abby Brockway, known as the Delta 5, blocked a "bomb train" shipment of volatile bakken crude from departing a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle.

When it was all said and done, they successfully blocked the bomb train that would have traversed their communities and many others, putting them at risk of a fiery disaster and fueling climate change for sure, for eight hours. And, while eight hours may not seem that long, their act of defiance is timeless as a symbol for civil disobedience against the dig, dump, burn economy that threatens us all.

The Delta 5 are currently on trial facing charges of trespassing and blocking a train -- if found guilty, they could face hefty fines as well as jail time. No matter the outcome of the trial, I think we should show our love, support and appreciation for these knights and defenders of the climate. Sign here to show your love and sign our thank you card to the Delta 5.

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Number Date Name Your message to the Delta 5
1651 2.8 years ago Brien Bublitz
1650 2.8 years ago Jeanne Stulb
1649 2.8 years ago Joseph Czubowicz
1648 2.8 years ago Dixie Dugan White
1647 2.8 years ago Loretta Holland Thanks for putting it on the line.
1646 2.8 years ago Mindy Simmons You are far braver than I and you did the good work for the planet and the people and other animals on the planet! Thank you for your actions to free our world of toxic business as usual !!! I do so...
1645 2.8 years ago Jason Taylor Thank you for taking a stand for our futures!
1644 2.8 years ago Heather Gold Too few of us can stand up and make a courageous protest action, daring to be arrested, possibly incarcerated. It's been a long time since the VietNam protests [against the gov't, NOT the returnin...
1643 2.8 years ago Stan Midnight Thank you and best of luck. Your efforts are very appreciated!
1642 2.8 years ago Don Freidkin I have wondered where the spirit of the Rainbow Warrior was hiding, and now I see that it is with you.

Thank you for your courage and your love of the planet. We, and more importantly, ou...
1641 2.8 years ago LeeAnn Chastain
1640 2.8 years ago R. Vanstrien Great love and appreciation to you brave "human doings"!!!
1639 2.8 years ago Ellen Stephenson If I didn't have to work, I would have joined you!
1638 2.8 years ago mary gleysteen Thank you for setting a good example for the rest of us!
1637 2.8 years ago Steve Baer Sonetimes just doing the right thing is more powerful than condoning those who do the wrong thing because others do not attempt to stop them. Bravo to you 5 and all of us who stand up to say "We wil...
1636 2.8 years ago Ted Struck Thanks for standing up to the established bureaucracy!
1635 2.8 years ago judy Robinson The world thanks you!
1634 2.8 years ago Mike Tabony May you be recognized as heroes for the planet and the enemy of empty greed. I salute you all.

1633 2.8 years ago Jeffrey Scott Fighting the good fight, west to east. United we WIN!
1632 2.8 years ago Leta Jensen Peace be with you, always.
1631 2.8 years ago Joni Mulder
1630 2.8 years ago Robert Gerosa
1629 2.8 years ago Maria Salgado Your action was heroic, and America is a great country because of people like you. Thank you!
1628 2.8 years ago Carla Skuce
1627 2.8 years ago Elaine Selznick
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