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On September 2, 2014, five concerned citizens decided to take a stand and defend their community, families and loved ones from the climate chaos in general and bomb trains specifically. Mike LaPointe, Patrick Mazza, Jackie Minchew, Liz Spoerri and Abby Brockway, known as the Delta 5, blocked a "bomb train" shipment of volatile bakken crude from departing a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle.

When it was all said and done, they successfully blocked the bomb train that would have traversed their communities and many others, putting them at risk of a fiery disaster and fueling climate change for sure, for eight hours. And, while eight hours may not seem that long, their act of defiance is timeless as a symbol for civil disobedience against the dig, dump, burn economy that threatens us all.

The Delta 5 are currently on trial facing charges of trespassing and blocking a train -- if found guilty, they could face hefty fines as well as jail time. No matter the outcome of the trial, I think we should show our love, support and appreciation for these knights and defenders of the climate. Sign here to show your love and sign our thank you card to the Delta 5.

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Number Date Name Your message to the Delta 5
1700 1 year ago Betty Kaine I don't know why I didn't hear about this until now but: Thank you all! for having the guts and fortitude to go to the extent you did. I'm hopeful your courage will inspire others who think they can...
1699 1 year ago Susan Pezzino We cannot thank you enough.
1698 1 year ago David Richman Thank you for your courage and justifiable actions.
1697 1 year ago Judith Greil
1696 1 year ago Nicole Hostinsky I admire your courage and commitment.
1695 1 year ago Thomas Sears
1694 1 year ago Bruce Campbell Thanks for your conscience and bravery. Keep on truckin' (preferably with comparably minimal fossil fuels) and proceed in balance.
1693 1 year ago Judith Enich
1692 1 year ago Emilio Leone
1691 1 year ago Madeline Walker
1690 1 year ago Joanne Brown Way to go. We appreciate you all!
1689 1 year ago Marlow Dodge I admire the effort and Balls all of you had . The justification was solid and the execution was really exquisite.
1688 1 year ago Jeane Johnson Mahalo!
1687 1 year ago Ann Santarelle Thank you for standing up for the environment!
1686 1 year ago Mike Romanyszyn
1685 1 year ago Llibby Stortz Thank you for your courage and ethical integrity on behalf of our planet.
1684 1 year ago Joan Green Many thanks.
1683 1 year ago Cinda Gardner Thank you all for your heroic efforts to stop this train. I am hoping that none of you will endure any ramifications of your heroic efforts. We applaud you highly for standing up for what is right.
1682 1 year ago Merna Strassner May the good forces be with you and thank you for what you've done.
1681 1 year ago Jeevake Attapattu
1680 1 year ago John Bator Thanks for your courageous fight for our climate.
1679 1 year ago Sylvia Hopkins Your commitment to this action with its results in the court of law, no matter what the outcome, will lead more of us to our own acts of courage to save our common earth home and each other. My tha...
1678 1 year ago Charles Valenza Thank you so much!
1677 1 year ago Michael Lewis Thank you for standing up for the environment. It is the future, and the only one we have. Ruin it now and that is what we will have, save it now and THAT is what we will have. May you be blessed...
1676 1 year ago Jennifer Layton Thank you for your bravery and your passion.
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