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On September 2, 2014, five concerned citizens decided to take a stand and defend their community, families and loved ones from the climate chaos in general and bomb trains specifically. Mike LaPointe, Patrick Mazza, Jackie Minchew, Liz Spoerri and Abby Brockway, known as the Delta 5, blocked a "bomb train" shipment of volatile bakken crude from departing a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle.

When it was all said and done, they successfully blocked the bomb train that would have traversed their communities and many others, putting them at risk of a fiery disaster and fueling climate change for sure, for eight hours. And, while eight hours may not seem that long, their act of defiance is timeless as a symbol for civil disobedience against the dig, dump, burn economy that threatens us all.

The Delta 5 are currently on trial facing charges of trespassing and blocking a train -- if found guilty, they could face hefty fines as well as jail time. No matter the outcome of the trial, I think we should show our love, support and appreciation for these knights and defenders of the climate. Sign here to show your love and sign our thank you card to the Delta 5.

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1976 2.3 years ago Tiev Miller
1975 2.3 years ago Nancy Machacek Thoreau woulda been proud of you and is cheering from the great beyond! Thank-you for your courage to "just say no" thank-you for demonstrating what democracy looks like and modeling the tenacity ca...
1974 2.3 years ago Rodger Reed
1973 2.3 years ago William D Hart
1972 2.3 years ago Linda Campbell So sad that your type of action is still needed in this world. I protested way back when it was the Vietnam War! Why does nothing ever seem to change? Gratitude for keeping up while I gave up. M...
1971 2.3 years ago Jim Wardlow
1970 2.3 years ago Amy Dogadko Thank you for taking a stand for the environment. You are very brave and I hope that your work continues. You are a beacon of hope for us all.

Amy Dogadko
1969 2.3 years ago Marie Field-Carpenter My heart felt thank you to you...and prayers of grace to protect you. Thank you for standing up for all of us.
1968 2.3 years ago Helen Wharton Thank you for your good work.
1967 2.3 years ago James Forrest The news networks are all owned by major corporations. Unfortunately the only you can get any news coverage is to get arrested. God Bless you.
1966 2.3 years ago Heather Davis
1965 2.3 years ago Pamela Prosise Thanks for your courage and willingness to take on those whose actions are so destructive to our Earth.
1964 2.3 years ago Cassie Pauli
1963 2.3 years ago Brad Knight
1962 2.3 years ago T. Peter Park
1961 2.3 years ago David Davidson
1960 2.3 years ago Charry Stover
1959 2.3 years ago Phillip Fielder Thanks for Your Effort on behalf of other Concerned Citizens ; at Least Your bringing attention to a problem that needs to be fixed .
1958 2.3 years ago Penny Warren Your dedication is inspirational and profound. Thank you!
1957 2.3 years ago Michael Casler
1956 2.3 years ago Mary Beth Taylor
1955 2.3 years ago Carol Ford More power to you! If only we could all find and do those things that make a difference! I do lip service, but I honor you for doing so much more! Thank you. And I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
1954 2.3 years ago Rod Amendt
1953 2.3 years ago Avianna Jones
1952 2.3 years ago Paul Mcdermott Keep up the good fight!
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