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On September 2, 2014, five concerned citizens decided to take a stand and defend their community, families and loved ones from the climate chaos in general and bomb trains specifically. Mike LaPointe, Patrick Mazza, Jackie Minchew, Liz Spoerri and Abby Brockway, known as the Delta 5, blocked a "bomb train" shipment of volatile bakken crude from departing a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) rail yard in Everett, Washington, just north of Seattle.

When it was all said and done, they successfully blocked the bomb train that would have traversed their communities and many others, putting them at risk of a fiery disaster and fueling climate change for sure, for eight hours. And, while eight hours may not seem that long, their act of defiance is timeless as a symbol for civil disobedience against the dig, dump, burn economy that threatens us all.

The Delta 5 are currently on trial facing charges of trespassing and blocking a train -- if found guilty, they could face hefty fines as well as jail time. No matter the outcome of the trial, I think we should show our love, support and appreciation for these knights and defenders of the climate. Sign here to show your love and sign our thank you card to the Delta 5.

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Number Date Name Your message to the Delta 5
2101 2.8 years ago Debra Lewis
2100 2.8 years ago Charissa Kreager
2099 2.8 years ago Marla Dean thank you from the bottom of my heart for your brave acts
2098 2.8 years ago Elizabeth Brzek
2097 2.8 years ago Rachel Hyde I shall be holding you in the Light. Thank you.
2096 2.8 years ago Dr. E Rubio You are the trickle of the coming storm. We who care are a billion strong and we blanket the earth. Thank you for taking the newest bold steps forward to extinguish the corporate tyranny that hijack...
2095 2.8 years ago Marianne Brettell-Vaughn
2094 2.8 years ago Debra Ewing Good luck. Few people today have the wherewithall to stand up and do what you attempted to do in defending our earth. I hope your actions inspire others and get the message across that we must pro...
2093 2.8 years ago Katherine Busby You are brave enough to do what I cannot. I support you and hope one day I can make bolder steps to show polluters they can't do business as usual anymore. Wildlife and humanity need to become the...
2092 2.8 years ago James Vierling Jr.
2091 2.8 years ago E. Steven Yankura I hope one day to make as bold a statement.
2090 2.8 years ago Dean Andersen
2089 2.8 years ago Robin Hordon Peace for EARTH...Love for EARTH...Health for EARTH
2088 2.8 years ago Louise Silver Thank you! You have my admiration and gratitude for your brave and principled actions.
2087 2.8 years ago Ilsa Wood Thank you so much for you bravery and care for our earth and communities!
2086 2.8 years ago Alex Kemper
2085 2.8 years ago Nancy Spittler Thank you for blocking this train and protecting the town from harm!
2084 2.8 years ago Norman Lewis Thank you for supporting the planet & fighting the destruction others want to cause
Once again. ..many thanks! !!
2083 2.8 years ago Cassandra Voss
2082 2.8 years ago C.Jean Boomershine
2081 2.8 years ago Molly McEnerney Thank you for always choosing what is right over what is easy!
2080 2.8 years ago Lowell Green
2079 2.8 years ago Bruce MacKay Mucho Gracias
2078 2.8 years ago Aileen A Blacknell
2077 2.8 years ago Steve Seliandin
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