Beyond Extreme Energy

UPDATE: FERC is so afraid of our feedback that they've asked Federal Protective Services to reschedule their meeting "to better ensure the safety of its staff and the public." But our peaceful protest isn't a risk, FERC's climate-destroying policy is.

Sign here or donate to show FERC that climate change is a moment when as humanity we cannot remain silent. We must hold those accountable who are causing and furthering our climate crisis.

This is why we're going back to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) May 21-29 in Washington, D.C. with a coalition of frontline groups and activists called Beyond Extreme Energy.

Why FERC? Robert Kennedy, Jr. has called them “a rogue agency, a captive agency.” FERC is the federal agency which, among other duties, has to approve proposed interstate natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, export terminals and other gas infrastructure. And approve is what they do; they are a rubber stamp for the fracking industry.

At this time of crisis, we need a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that does what is right, not a weak body whose funding comes from fees paid by the gas industry and other fossil fuel companies they “regulate.” And that means all of us need to take action to stop disastrous fossil fuel expansion -– more fracking, more gas pipelines, export terminals and other extreme energy projects.  Together we will promote a pathway for FERC to transform into a leading institution that can support the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar, and other renewables.

We must transform FERC and other government agencies from rubber stamp agencies that permit our doom, into drivers of the solutions we need to stop climate change. Stopping FERC in an important front in the struggle to end corporate control of our government.

Sign on here to support us.

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Number Date Name Your comment to FERC:
12056 3.5 years ago Linda Fante
12055 3.5 years ago Ruth Lawler As a Federal agency, your job is to represent the citizens for the common good and well-being of all. It is NOT to rubber-stamp all to do with the gas and fossil fuel industry profit making agendas.
12054 3.5 years ago Jamie Fillmore
12053 3.5 years ago Janet Filemyr
12052 3.5 years ago Susan Detato
12051 3.5 years ago Leona Council
12050 3.5 years ago Debra Burk
12049 3.5 years ago Arthur Rorick Stealing taxpayer land for corporate greed is criminal and so is all of the environmental, health, life, family, community, and financial destruction these gas corporations cause. FERC staff is eit...
12048 3.5 years ago Paul RW Anthony Stop Fracking Right Now!
12047 3.5 years ago Kitrina Lisiewski
12046 3.5 years ago Herb Levy We demand a moratorium on permits for new gas pipelines, compressor stations and export terminals until FERC can be re-organized and re-educated into an agency that drives solutions to the climate c...
12045 3.5 years ago Chuck Hastings
12044 3.5 years ago Rebecca Kuligowski So if we do what environmentally conscious citizens want it will give us clean air, soil and water. If we do what the un-scientific group wants, we bring about our deaths prematurely. I say err on t...
12043 3.5 years ago Rick Schmelzer
12042 3.5 years ago Nancy Kosnar Hartman
12041 3.5 years ago Robert Lidsky Take away the gas industry's control of FERC. Stop the corruption
12040 3.5 years ago Debra Wasiowicz
12039 3.5 years ago Robert Strelke
12038 3.5 years ago Earl Grove Grove
12037 3.5 years ago Jim Carley
12036 3.5 years ago Jonathan Smuck I live in Eastern Ohio. You are sacrificing my region for short term gain.
12035 3.5 years ago Arlo Armstrong
12034 3.5 years ago Sandra Blackburn
12033 3.5 years ago Kevin Silvey
12032 3.5 years ago Ann Joseph
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