Beyond Extreme Energy

UPDATE: FERC is so afraid of our feedback that they've asked Federal Protective Services to reschedule their meeting "to better ensure the safety of its staff and the public." But our peaceful protest isn't a risk, FERC's climate-destroying policy is.

Sign here or donate to show FERC that climate change is a moment when as humanity we cannot remain silent. We must hold those accountable who are causing and furthering our climate crisis.

This is why we're going back to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) May 21-29 in Washington, D.C. with a coalition of frontline groups and activists called Beyond Extreme Energy.

Why FERC? Robert Kennedy, Jr. has called them “a rogue agency, a captive agency.” FERC is the federal agency which, among other duties, has to approve proposed interstate natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, export terminals and other gas infrastructure. And approve is what they do; they are a rubber stamp for the fracking industry.

At this time of crisis, we need a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that does what is right, not a weak body whose funding comes from fees paid by the gas industry and other fossil fuel companies they “regulate.” And that means all of us need to take action to stop disastrous fossil fuel expansion -– more fracking, more gas pipelines, export terminals and other extreme energy projects.  Together we will promote a pathway for FERC to transform into a leading institution that can support the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar, and other renewables.

We must transform FERC and other government agencies from rubber stamp agencies that permit our doom, into drivers of the solutions we need to stop climate change. Stopping FERC in an important front in the struggle to end corporate control of our government.

Sign on here to support us.

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13381 3.5 years ago Patricia Marinaccio REGULATE for the good of our environment! Don't pander to the fossil fuel companies who believe they have bought and paid for favorable rulings!
13380 3.5 years ago Pat and Gary Gover
13379 3.5 years ago Susan Mitchell
13378 3.5 years ago Lyle Snider Continued mining & burning of fossil dooms our children & grand children to extreme weather events & increased climate-related deaths.
13377 3.5 years ago Maurene Keough
13376 3.5 years ago Lisa Nagle
13375 3.5 years ago Elizabeth Grovenstein
13374 3.5 years ago Hugh Jarvis Fracking is not worth the enormous risk to our health and environment.
13373 3.5 years ago Patricia Moffett-Ward
13372 3.5 years ago Myra Dewhurst
13371 3.5 years ago Victor Stamboulian
13370 3.5 years ago Wanda Daugherty
13369 3.5 years ago Jacqueline Birnbaum
13368 3.5 years ago M. Jean Murray Not only does it cause bad water in farms near the fracking, and make people ill, it also causes small earth quakes nearby.
13367 3.5 years ago Chris Garland
13366 3.5 years ago Eugene Marner
13365 3.5 years ago Jimmie Smith
13364 3.5 years ago Robert Reed The EPA needs to conduct their own studies of natural gas well heads and expose the results.
Methane is a far worse green house gas than carbon dioxide - and, due to warmiing oceans, it's star...
13363 3.5 years ago Mary Ellen Weldele
13362 3.5 years ago Jan Peterson If we are to have any hope whatsoever of avoiding the problems associated with a global temperature rise of 2 ºF, we must stop pulling fossil fuels out of the ground! Think of the children!!!
13361 3.5 years ago Gertrude Crowley
13360 3.5 years ago Elizabeth Patterson
13359 3.5 years ago Cheri Stephenson
13358 3.5 years ago Sarah Lachance Please do more than rubber stamp projects for the gas and oil industries. Remember you are also required to protect America's people.
13357 3.5 years ago Tod Wirtz
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