Beyond Extreme Energy

UPDATE: FERC is so afraid of our feedback that they've asked Federal Protective Services to reschedule their meeting "to better ensure the safety of its staff and the public." But our peaceful protest isn't a risk, FERC's climate-destroying policy is.

Sign here or donate to show FERC that climate change is a moment when as humanity we cannot remain silent. We must hold those accountable who are causing and furthering our climate crisis.

This is why we're going back to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) May 21-29 in Washington, D.C. with a coalition of frontline groups and activists called Beyond Extreme Energy.

Why FERC? Robert Kennedy, Jr. has called them “a rogue agency, a captive agency.” FERC is the federal agency which, among other duties, has to approve proposed interstate natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, export terminals and other gas infrastructure. And approve is what they do; they are a rubber stamp for the fracking industry.

At this time of crisis, we need a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that does what is right, not a weak body whose funding comes from fees paid by the gas industry and other fossil fuel companies they “regulate.” And that means all of us need to take action to stop disastrous fossil fuel expansion -– more fracking, more gas pipelines, export terminals and other extreme energy projects.  Together we will promote a pathway for FERC to transform into a leading institution that can support the shift from fossil fuels to wind, solar, and other renewables.

We must transform FERC and other government agencies from rubber stamp agencies that permit our doom, into drivers of the solutions we need to stop climate change. Stopping FERC in an important front in the struggle to end corporate control of our government.

Sign on here to support us.

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14231 3.5 years ago Kathryn Sherrard
14230 3.5 years ago Anna Barron
14229 3.5 years ago Nola Zito
14228 3.5 years ago Francesca Bolognini People are already drinking toilet to tap water in my state. How can ANYONE justify polluting a drop of aquifer? There are so many alternative energies that would be cheaper in the long run and wo...
14227 3.5 years ago Karen Pletcher
14226 3.5 years ago Peggy Evans What is more important than gold, diamonds and oil and gas . . . water. Let's protect our scarce (worldwide) potable water.
14225 3.5 years ago Anonymous
14224 3.5 years ago Diane Wickline
14223 3.5 years ago Tish Tarver All "fracking" facilities need to be permanently shut down, especially if they are located on public grounds. Such facilities are wreaking environmental havoc in the communities in which they are l...
14222 3.5 years ago Michelle Hofmann
14221 3.5 years ago Amber Perry
14220 3.5 years ago Dale Shillito Keystone XL has been denied because it is a danger to our environment. Fracking is no less a danger, polluting our water and air with pipelines, compressor stations, oil trains, and export terminals.
14219 3.5 years ago Nora Sotomayor
14218 3.5 years ago Alice Welchert Fossil fuels are literally killing life on this planet. Is the human species “fit” (Darwinian sense) to survive? Your decisions are part of the answer.
14217 3.5 years ago Anna Jorgensen We all need to support thermal depolymerization so that there is no more need for any petroleum imports or fracking. We have all the garbage needed to run every vehicle on earth without any wars or...
14216 3.5 years ago Karrie Vrabel
14215 3.5 years ago Roberta Wallitt
14214 3.5 years ago Jane Beckman
14213 3.5 years ago Joe Kohnen
14212 3.5 years ago Joshua Wood
14211 3.5 years ago Adina Kelley
14210 3.5 years ago Donna Blue
14209 3.5 years ago Tom Hougham
14208 3.5 years ago Carmen Leitch
14207 3.5 years ago Karen Guadagni
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