Mum's the word on climate change in Wisconsin

The Climate Change language police have struck again. Last month state employees in Florida alleged that Gov. Rick Scott had instituted a ban on using terms like "climate change" and “global warming."

Now climate censorship has spread to Wisconsin. Last week, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), a three-member panel overseeing public land sales that benefit schools and communities in Wisconsin, voted to ban staff from talking about climate change. The panel voted 2-1 to block public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."

Sign here to tell Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker that this is unacceptable, and demand that he act swiftly to reverse the board's decision.

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10207 3.5 years ago Keith Inglis climate change is real and deadly.
When there is fire, we must warn everyone.
10206 3.5 years ago Nathan Jackson
10205 3.5 years ago Martin Becker
10204 3.5 years ago Richard Blake As if I needed any more reasons to NEVER SET FOOT IN WISCONISTAN EVER AGAIN. You are a disgrace, and more of a danger to ordinary Americans than ISIS or Al Qaeda. May you burn in hell
10203 3.5 years ago Joshua Morgan Allow government agencies to use the words "climate change" and "global warming."
10202 3.5 years ago Mario Velarde
10201 3.5 years ago Wilbur Little
10200 3.5 years ago Michael Lipinski
10199 3.5 years ago Harvey Reed
10198 3.5 years ago Sarah Edmunds
10197 3.5 years ago Linda Bennett
10196 3.5 years ago Rebecca Tippens
10195 3.5 years ago Ruth Wootten
10194 3.5 years ago Carol Weinstock
10193 3.5 years ago Julio Aviles
10192 3.5 years ago Walter Simciak This is NOT a political issue. This is science.
10191 3.5 years ago Robert Quackenbush
10190 3.5 years ago Matthew Bolles
10189 3.5 years ago Richard Kane
10188 3.5 years ago Kristy Ray
10187 3.5 years ago Greta Ratliff This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I used to live in Wisconsin - and have been considering moving back into that state. If I do I will be happy to vote against you and your fellows, and for TRUTH in t...
10186 3.5 years ago Andrew Arneson
10185 3.5 years ago Marla Widurska-Wright
10184 3.5 years ago Carol Berkeley
10183 3.5 years ago Red Clark
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