Mum's the word on climate change in Wisconsin

The Climate Change language police have struck again. Last month state employees in Florida alleged that Gov. Rick Scott had instituted a ban on using terms like "climate change" and “global warming."

Now climate censorship has spread to Wisconsin. Last week, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), a three-member panel overseeing public land sales that benefit schools and communities in Wisconsin, voted to ban staff from talking about climate change. The panel voted 2-1 to block public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."

Sign here to tell Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker that this is unacceptable, and demand that he act swiftly to reverse the board's decision.

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Number Date Name Your comment to Scott Walker
10457 3.5 years ago Tena McCoy Your karma will get you!
10456 3.5 years ago Victor Stamboulian
10455 3.5 years ago Joan K. Mitsuka
10454 3.5 years ago Robert T. Gustafson
10453 3.5 years ago Blaze Bhence
10452 3.5 years ago Leslie Baran
10451 3.5 years ago Taylor Teegarden Use your head for something besides a hat rack.
You Republicans are the original down is up, up is down folks. You can't agree to anything the opposition says because you're scared of truth.
10450 3.5 years ago Rachel Goldstein
10449 3.5 years ago Thomas Windberg
10448 3.5 years ago Judith Shane Climate change is a huge problem nationally and internationally. Denying its existence doesn't change the serious changes taking place. This level of selective ignorance is unacceptable in governmen...
10447 3.5 years ago Roger Maxwell
10446 3.5 years ago Roger Maxwell
10445 3.5 years ago Lisa Kagan
10444 3.5 years ago Bob Sigmund
10443 3.5 years ago Janette Letson
10442 3.5 years ago Bob Sigmund
10441 3.5 years ago Rod Ridenhour stupid is as stupid does....
10440 3.5 years ago A Patterson
10439 3.5 years ago Sharron Powell
10438 3.5 years ago Elizabeth S. Putnam Please, please get your head out of the sand! Unless your head is filled with sawdust, you must realize CLIMATE CHANGE and GLOBAL WARMING are not figments of imagination. They have arrived, and may...
10437 3.5 years ago Albert Gruswitz
10436 3.5 years ago Matthias Hess
10435 3.5 years ago Joseph Nowak
10434 3.5 years ago Stephen Parks REALLY????????????????
10433 3.5 years ago Andrea Kehoe
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