Mum's the word on climate change in Wisconsin

The Climate Change language police have struck again. Last month state employees in Florida alleged that Gov. Rick Scott had instituted a ban on using terms like "climate change" and “global warming."

Now climate censorship has spread to Wisconsin. Last week, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), a three-member panel overseeing public land sales that benefit schools and communities in Wisconsin, voted to ban staff from talking about climate change. The panel voted 2-1 to block public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."

Sign here to tell Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker that this is unacceptable, and demand that he act swiftly to reverse the board's decision.

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11707 3.5 years ago Elizabeth Kiernan
11706 3.5 years ago Kathryn Wood
11705 3.5 years ago Saly Trice
11704 3.5 years ago Janice Vakili Who do you think you're fooling? If you don't say it, it isn't so?
11703 3.5 years ago Sumit Shah
11702 3.5 years ago Fredrick Seil
11701 3.5 years ago Cheryl Keith Next "nepotism", "miaappropriation of government funds", "jury tampering", "violation of the public trust", and .... can be banned from use by public employees. After all it is very inconvenient fo...
11700 3.5 years ago Elyce M. Benham Censorship of the right to speak? This is outright unconstitutional! Banning the right to speak those words is NOT going to make the damage to the environment stop or go away. Get your head out of...
11699 3.5 years ago Donna Reilly
11698 3.5 years ago Gail Shackel
11697 3.5 years ago Robert Fenstermaker It's okay if you don't want to talk about, Mother Nature's speaking loud and clear
11696 3.5 years ago Becca Greenstein
11695 3.5 years ago Randall Webb
11694 3.5 years ago Dee Steele
11693 3.5 years ago Lisa Smriga
11692 3.5 years ago Andrew Bellamy
11691 3.5 years ago Mary Deceault
11690 3.5 years ago Laurel Tepper
11689 3.5 years ago Eddie Cole Thank you for your consideration of this matter.
11688 3.5 years ago Wendy Holzman
11687 3.5 years ago Linda Reik Read and follow Mark z. Jacobson plans for each of 50 states to change to all sources of sustainable energy producing electricity (only 2% fossil fuels) with in 20 years!
11686 3.5 years ago Hali Rederer
11685 3.5 years ago Karen Erlandson Wow! Seriously? What's next? The "Thought Police"? For the first time in my life I' embarassed to be from Wisconsin.
11684 3.5 years ago LeonJeffrey Lickteig Your job as a public officer is transperancy in all issues not obliqueness or favoritism!!!
11683 3.5 years ago William Holcomb Do you think many voters agree with you?
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