Mum's the word on climate change in Wisconsin

The Climate Change language police have struck again. Last month state employees in Florida alleged that Gov. Rick Scott had instituted a ban on using terms like "climate change" and “global warming."

Now climate censorship has spread to Wisconsin. Last week, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), a three-member panel overseeing public land sales that benefit schools and communities in Wisconsin, voted to ban staff from talking about climate change. The panel voted 2-1 to block public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."

Sign here to tell Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker that this is unacceptable, and demand that he act swiftly to reverse the board's decision.

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Number Date Name Your comment to Scott Walker
11732 2.9 years ago Angie Klein
11731 2.9 years ago Daniel Klein
11730 2.9 years ago Melanie Kloetzel
11729 2.9 years ago Vivian Pons
11728 2.9 years ago Cynthia Davis It's unbelievable that this term would be banned. Climate change is very real -- scientifically real. Being ignorant of it will only worsen our situation.
11727 2.9 years ago Verna Bloom Cocks
11726 2.9 years ago Jon Anderholm
11725 2.9 years ago Ann Goodman
11724 2.9 years ago Elena Castellano
11723 2.9 years ago Jeff Hopkins
11722 2.9 years ago Patricia Always Climate change cannot be denied.
11721 2.9 years ago James L. Holman
11720 2.9 years ago Jason Carlisle Sad day when money speaks louder than fact.
11719 2.9 years ago Somdev Bhattacharji
11718 2.9 years ago James Tyree II You are horrible!
11717 2.9 years ago Karl Koessel
11716 2.9 years ago Elaine Bitzel
11715 2.9 years ago Daniel Thrush
11714 2.9 years ago Wendell Nixon At this moment up until you die (I do truly wish for you many, many, many years of happy life!), your decision on Climate Change - in your official capacity - will be a part of your personal...
11713 2.9 years ago Jim Summers
11712 2.9 years ago Richard Fullerton IDIOT!
11711 2.9 years ago Richard Fullerton IDIOT!
11710 2.9 years ago Roshan Reporter
11709 2.9 years ago Anna Medrano
11708 2.9 years ago Philip Bryer climate change global warming climate change global warming climate change global warming climate change global warming climate change global warming climate change global warming climate change glo...
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