Mum's the word on climate change in Wisconsin

The Climate Change language police have struck again. Last month state employees in Florida alleged that Gov. Rick Scott had instituted a ban on using terms like "climate change" and “global warming."

Now climate censorship has spread to Wisconsin. Last week, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (BCPL), a three-member panel overseeing public land sales that benefit schools and communities in Wisconsin, voted to ban staff from talking about climate change. The panel voted 2-1 to block public employees "from engaging in global warming or climate change work while on BCPL time."

Sign here to tell Wisconsin Governor and Presidential hopeful Scott Walker that this is unacceptable, and demand that he act swiftly to reverse the board's decision.

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Number Date Name Your comment to Scott Walker
12207 3.5 years ago Janice Porterfield
12206 3.5 years ago Melissa Fleming
12205 3.5 years ago Pamela Scoville
12204 3.5 years ago David Margolis We will fight your radical right wing/corporate anti-democratic agenda tooth and nail!
12203 3.5 years ago Gail Karr See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil wouldn't ale science go away. Even the hunters/fishers in your state notice "the seasons have change"-that was said when I was in Wisconsin last summer.
12202 3.5 years ago Gloria Love
12201 3.5 years ago Paul Moe
12200 3.5 years ago Paul Vilches Climate change has been happening for some time now due to human's neglectful and irresponsible acts against nature. Global warming is one of many direct results of these acts.
12199 3.5 years ago Ron Jyleen
12198 3.5 years ago Patricia Constantino
12197 3.5 years ago Suzy Lawrence ridiculous - read the science!
12196 3.5 years ago Karen Bravo
12195 3.5 years ago Kenny uKENA
12194 3.5 years ago Ellen Atkinson
12193 3.5 years ago Richard Woolington
12192 3.5 years ago Edgar Mitchell Wake up
12191 3.5 years ago Laura Dobroski
12190 3.5 years ago Virginia Manuel
12189 3.5 years ago Philip Clift You do not have the credentials to dispute the reality of climate change.
12188 3.5 years ago Ken Tower Open minds bring progress
12187 3.5 years ago Elizabeth Czajka
12186 3.5 years ago Nancy Salovich Pull your head out of the sand!
12185 3.5 years ago Robert Furst
12184 3.5 years ago paul heloskie
12183 3.5 years ago Shira Margulies
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