Dominion lied. time to revoke the Cove Point permit.

Last Fall, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) made a huge mistake and permitted the construction of a massive fracked-gas export facility in Cove Point, Maryland.

Within days, local allies had appealed FERC's decision in the courts and with federal regulators. But Dominion resources, the company behind Cove Point and other local fracked gas pipelines, has begun construction anyway.

Our allies in Maryland are desperate to stop their homes, community and our collective environment from being destroyed by this project. They've done all the 'right' things: appealed to FERC's own rules, asked the courts to intercede, ANYTHING to get the project stopped or put on hold.

FERC promised to listen, and is required to consider an appeal. But while they dither Dominion just keeps building and building. And every day brings our climate and the community of Cove Point closer to a disaster. So our friends from Cove Point are going back again to occupy the FERC Commissioners' meeting, demanding that they respond to the appeal and stop construction. Sign here to support them, and send FERC a message that it's time to un-plug their ears and respond to the public's concern about fracked gas exports.

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18676 3.7 years ago Christine Amisano
18675 3.7 years ago Bradford Hindley
18674 3.7 years ago Kay Bengston
18673 3.7 years ago Susan Carey
18672 3.7 years ago Dean Hill Please listen to the common people of Maryland!
18671 3.7 years ago Pablo Stenzelito Do your JOB!
18670 3.7 years ago Anonymous
18669 3.7 years ago John Gittins
18668 3.7 years ago Marilyn Coats Fossil fuels are the past. Renewable sources of non-fossil fuels are the present and future. Stop looking back to the good ole days when we didn't know fossil fuels were denigrating our world. Su...
18667 3.7 years ago Michael Lanham
18666 3.7 years ago Michael Puzio
18665 3.7 years ago Diane Blackburn
18664 3.7 years ago Deborah Cooney If you fail to act responsibly, you may face an action for injunction.
18663 3.7 years ago Andrea Wasiewski Please honor your organization's reason for existence and the people's pleas for SUSTAINABLE energy choices. Liquid Natural Gas and Fracking are not sustainable any longer. We are in a crisis!
18662 3.7 years ago Flora Wang
18661 3.7 years ago Jean Vavrek
18660 3.7 years ago Mary Wilson
18659 3.7 years ago Joanne Granzow
18658 3.7 years ago Ann Mahoney
18657 3.7 years ago Anonymous
18656 3.7 years ago Irvin Kauffman
18655 3.7 years ago Tina Bissett
18654 3.7 years ago Anonymous
18653 3.7 years ago Veronica McClaskey
18652 3.7 years ago Arthur Connor
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