Activism is Sexy

Here at Environmental Action, we’ve been always thought that activism is pretty sexy. And there’s no greater love than the love our collective mother earth.

So before you roll your eyes at another lame Valentine’s day ad, sign on here if you agree that nothing is more sexy that activism and nothing is more loving than speaking up for the planet - then upload a photo to our gallery and show us what it looks like.

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107 3.6 years ago Nikita Metelica
106 3.7 years ago Yogamama Gina Quincy Being Vegan
105 3.7 years ago Stephanie Cecena
104 3.7 years ago Lee West right now, geoengineering is, i think, one of the greatest threats to humanity the world has ever seen. it is global in scope, affects the very air we breathe, and does so on a daily basis. it is, i...
103 3.7 years ago Deanne Salazar Organic, vegetarian (20+years),growing my own food, spreading the word about GMO food, raising 3 vegetarian kids (20,15, and 12 y.o.), reading the news and not believing...or reading...
102 3.7 years ago Raven Vergara By doing the little things that have a big impact- such as being vegan/vegetarian, signing petitions, recycling, volunteering, spreading awareness, and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.
101 3.7 years ago Pilar Diaz
100 3.7 years ago Tierra Rucker
99 3.7 years ago Betty Fekete My name is Betty Fekete. My husband and I support our local farmers and organic growers. We save rain water when we have rain and we garden every year. We compost all compostable foods and recycl...
98 3.7 years ago Nicholas Marcouiller
97 3.7 years ago Dale Le Fevre Reversing Citizens United and McCutcheon affects ALL other issues in the U.S. and the planet.
96 3.7 years ago Oscar Revilla
95 3.7 years ago Christine T. Genetically Modified Foods (corn, soy, canola, maize, sugar beets) are novel, patented organisms originating from a mix of plants' genes with genes of pathogenic bacteria and viruses (fuat

GMO\'s not only ruin our health, but also biodiversity, and the environment. The contamination of water, air and soils is reaching a staggering levels:

Approvals of more GMO plants by officials are raising every month. Last Sep an EPA/USDA approval of 2,4D resistant plants on top of other 2 toxic chemicals was the tipping point of irresponsibility towards own population. 2,4-D was used as chemical weapon in Vietnam war....
There are by now thousands of articles written by biotech independent researchers which describe many of the lethal bio-effects of chemicals and GMO\'s themselves at:
and everything else on that page.
There is nothing more important in USA right now, than at least labeling of GMO\'s. The safest future for everyone is a GMO\'s BAN for food production.
Please, realize, all larger organisms usually do not survive prolonged temperature ranges 40-65deg, which tells you, that GMO\'s produced at boiling temperature of water, represent absolutely novel \'being\'s\', which nature wouldn\'t be able to achieve... Please, think twice, before letting food mixed with GMO\'s (most processed foods, sugars) inside of your body!!!
Please, know also, that Roundup Ready contains antibiotic (glyphosate) which is degraded mainly by pathogenic bacteria. That\'s why when it binds to proteins in the food and degrades inside of our bodies, the balance between the good bacteria and the bad ones is distorted. That\'s only one of the many effects which glyphosate actually is capable off. If you believe in that new technology, please continue eating their \'fruits\', so this way you can help with depopulation of this planet.'); return false;">...
94 3.7 years ago Myra Smith I attempt to use water sparingly, to recycle daily, and to teach my grandchildren to do the same.
93 3.7 years ago Herman H. Cherney
92 3.7 years ago Sean Hardin If we were collectively serious about the environment, we would STOP supporting organizations like Monsanto that threaten the biodiversity of this planet!

We would DEMAND that computers and...
91 3.7 years ago Rosemarie Cohn I am 99 yeas young and want to be sure we do our very best to keep this magnificent planet safe and harmonious for our great great great grandchildren
90 3.7 years ago Therese Kearton I'm Therese. I'm divorced, but I got a wonderful son and daughter from an otherwise unproductive marriage. I'm nearly 67. I've been a vegetarian for more than half of that. I am well into my 3rd yea...
89 3.7 years ago Judy Lucas
88 3.7 years ago Dietrich Schwaegerl Protect our good Earth from overpopulation!,
87 3.7 years ago Lorraine Leaf Who doesn't want to save the planet?
86 3.7 years ago Jamia Kelly
85 3.7 years ago Mehdi Ranjbar
84 3.7 years ago Caroline Good The majority of people in this country don't vote, don't know what their representatives are doing and don't care, then they think they have a right to complain.
83 3.7 years ago Amy Lacombe Speaking up for animals, mainly farmed animals, and being a vegan!!! Meat consumption and production impacts the individual's health, the health of the planet, world hunger, climate change...but mo...
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