Petition to Oppose Privatizing Water in Detroit

Detroit water protestor

Water is the lifeblood of our planet. Because of global warming and widespread climate disruptions, we need a radical rethinking of how we protect, access, and share our water resources on earth. We must build powerful climate and water justice movements.And right now, there's no better illustration of the problems, and the need for us to stand up in solidarity than the ongoing water crisis in Detroit.

According to the United Nations, water is the primary link between climate, human society, environment, food, and job creation. And yet, Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder and his Emergency Manger Kevin Orr have sold Detroit's water to greedy financial institutions. Privatizing earth's most precious resource won't help address climate change, and it sure isn't helping my home-towns poor and undeserved populations.

Sign this petition now to tell Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Detroit Emergency Manager Kevin Orr that water is a public trust that belongs to the earth and must not be privatized.