Tell EPA to protect and conserve our water!

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Nearly half a million people in Toledo, Ohio, and Southeastern Michigan were without clean drinking water after deadly toxins produced by harmful algae blooms were found in Lake Erie. These type of algal blooms are triggered when excessive amount of fertilizers, livestock manure, run-off from towns, and raw sewage are allowed to pour into our waterways.

These chemicals act as fertilizer for growths of algae, which suck oxygen from the lower depths causing fish kills, and rise to the surface as stinky poisonous green scum.

But even after the tragedy in Toledo, there are no limits on how much fertilizer pollution can be poured into Lake Erie. With Ohio Gov. Kasich failing to act, it's up to the EPA to implement a clean up plan that protects the environment, and public health.

Let’s tell the EPA to implement an Emergency Plan to protect our access to clean water.