Protect the Planet from Scott Pruitt

The environment should not be a partisan issue, and if we're serious about protecting our environment, we can't allow Scott Pruitt to become the next leader of the EPA. Sign here to tell your lawmakers to vote against Pruitt’s nomination.

Scott Pruitt is against the very laws he will soon be in charge of enforcing. And yes, he has a history of opposing the EPA's ability to regulate carbon even though the Supreme Court ordered the EPA to regulate carbon under the Clean Air Act. And yes, he has demonstrated and anti-environmental agenda throughout his career and has sued the EPA five times to prevent regulations (and lost every time) -- which includes his lawsuit against the EPA's Regional Haze Rule, a law designed to foster cleaner air at national parks by reducing coal-fired power plant emissions. And he’s about to enjoy free rein to undermine environmental regulations, without Congress to stop him.

His appointment would be disastrous for the environment and would have real consequences on human health across the country. Add your name to protect our planet from Scott Pruitt!

Subject: Oppose Scott Pruitt's EPA Nomination