Stop The Proposed Panther for Petroleum Program

Right now the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is considering a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) submitted by land development and Big Oil corporations, as well as a Florida Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Commissioner that would allow for the killing, trapping, harassing and pursuit of the imperiled cats. With only 100 to 180 Florida Panthers left in the world, this could be our last chance to save them from extinction.

The group requesting a permit that would exempt the panthers from protection under the Endangered Species Act claim it's necessary to increase residential development. But the truth is, they are trying to clear as many cats out of their was as possible to make way for oil and gas extraction. It's nothing more than a Panther for Petroleum Program. You see, panther habitat lies directly above an area rich with oil and natural gas deposits, and the petitioners want to make sure nothing stands in their way to get to it. Another Big Oil corporation already has a proposal in place to begin seismic testing on and near panther habitat. The combination of this proposal and the HCP could easily spell the end for the Florida Panther.

FWS has requested public input on the HCP, but we have to act fast as the deadline for comments is tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST. If we're going to get FWS, FWC and other proponents of this plan to see the light, we need to tell them directly and plain to stop the Panther for Petroleum program. Add your voice to the growing list of wildlife lovers who want to see this iconic species around for generations. With your help we can do all we can to make sure the Florida Panther doesn't have it's ninth life taken away for good.

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