Tell Congress to Buck the Bottle

Last year we defied Big Water when we successfully shelved an ill-advised amendment to a House spending bill that would have REQUIRED the NPS to sell bottled water. We knew that the bottled water lobby, led by the powerfuly International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) would be back with a vengance -- after all, they've dropped over $500,000 in the last four years to lobby memebrs of Congress and keep selling plastic bottles in our national parks.

When National Park Service (NPS) Director John Jarvis testifies at the House Interior Subcommittee, it's widely expected that members of the committee will grill Jarvis on banning the sale of plastic bottled water in national parks. They'll most likely reference a report that claims banning the sale of bottled water puts people's health at risk, forces poorer families to purchase reusable water bottles "they can't afford" and that NPS has not complied with Congressional directives. There's only one small problem -- the report was funded and written by IBWA.

We need to let Director Jarvis know that we have his back when he testifies tomorrow and, equally important, we have to let members of Congress know that we don't want our national parks trashed with plastic bottles just so IBWA's members can make a buck off our national park system.

Tell members of the House Interior Subcommittee that when it comes to our national parks they must Buck the Bottle.

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