Tell Sen. Inhofe to Hold Hearings, Not Snowballs

BI know you've heard about the climate cover-up scheme conducted by Exxon. What's new this week is that an oil industry lobby group called the American Petroleum Institute (API) also knew about climate change in the 1980s, and proceeded to launch a campaign of denial and doubt.

This is significant because API testifies regularly before Congress, including to the Senate Environment Committee. When they do, they're required to present honest testimony much like they would in a court room -- willfully misleading Congress (for example, by telling them climate change isn't real when you know better) is against the law.

That's where our old friend Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) comes in. As the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee he's heard testimony from API for years that climate change isn't a real, urgent threat -- when in fact we know their own scientists reported the seriousness of the problem in 1980. with the investigations by New York's Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and California's Kamala Harris, this is the perfect time for Congress to investigate Exxon for contempt of Congress.

Sign here to tell James Inhofe he should be holding hearings on Exxon and climate change, not snowballs.

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