Thanks President Obama, & Keep it up!

The White House just announced a halt to new coal mine leases on federal lands while they conduct a comprehensive review of how coal impacts our economy and climate. Since coal is in decline and a major source of global warming pollution, there's every reason to believe this another big step by the Obama team towards abandoning the "all of the above" energy policy in favor of a keeping fossil fuels in the ground and funding a rapid, just transition to 100% clean power.

It's already being called a "nail in the coffin" of the rapidly dying coal industry because 40 percent of coal produced in the U.S. comes off federal lands. And it begs the question: "who's next"? If Keystone XL was too damaging to our climate to build, as the President has already said; And if Coal mining on federal lands is too dirty for the energy future we need to build -- will an end to leases of offshore oil reserves be next? What about a ban on fracking for gas on public lands?

There's no denying, this is a big win for our movement to end fossil fuels, everywhere. But it's only a step -- one we hope to see the President take more of before his last year in office is up.

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Subject: Thanks President Obama for pausing coal leases, now here's what's next.

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