Stand with Walmart workers on Black Friday fasting for $15, full-time & a safe climate.

The crisis Walmart workers face is urgent. Venanzi Luna worked in a Walmart deli for eight years - often struggling to put food on the table as the sole breadwinner for her and her parents. But she still found time to help others by putting cancelled deli orders in the break room, for everyone to share. A member of management told Venanzi, “I don’t want associates to get used to free meals.”  After that conversation, management directed her to throw everything away. Shortly thereafter, Venanzi and all the workers in her store were laid off on a few hours notice because of alleged “plumbing problems” at the store. Now she's leading a hunger strike with us to demand Walmart do right by employees and the planet.

Environmental leaders are supporting the fast because Walmart's is also a huge contributor to climate change. But just like they claim to treat workers like Venanzi right, they're claiming to be a leader on climate. Walmart even been celebrated at the White House as a leader on clean energy. But in fact, Walmart is one of the biggest consumers of coal power in America. They get less than 1% of their electricity from renewable sources while their competitors like Kohls and Whole foods get 100% of their power from renewable energy. It's outrageuos to say one thing and do another. But Walmart is even more offensive because they made a promise to get 100% of their power from clean sources over a decade ago -- and have done nothing to honor that commitment or deserve the praise they receive.

When we allow big corporations like Walmart to collect environmental laurels while doing almost nothing to address the climate crisis and paying their employees poverty wages, it undermines our whole movement's support of climate justice.

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