Calling on Kamala To Prosecute Exxon

UPDATE: The Democratic pary of Los Angeles -- representing 2.4 million people and a third of California Democratic voters -- urged the state Attoney General to investigate Exxon's climate duplicity. Sign now to call on Kamala Harris to Act!

California already suffering some of the worst impacts of climate change — including a massive drought, epic wildfire season and massive die-offs of forests and species. Those damages have cost lives and livelihoods that could have been avoided if we'd taken action decades ago to leave fossil fuels in the ground, switch to clean energy and invest in at-risk communities. As such, the call to investigate what #ExxonKnew is coming loudest and clearest from the Golden State.

Kamala Harris, as the AG of California, has a unique opportunity to demand answers, and action, from the world’s biggest polluters. Harris has already proven she can take on big corporations and win by investigating the mortgage crisis. And now, local reports in the Los Angeles Times are firing up California's Congressional delegation and even state Democratic activists to demand action in California.

Sign here to tell AG Kamala Harris to throw the book at Exxon, and make them toast from coast to coast for lying about climate change.

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